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Of all that I’ve learned through yoga and in my life the one lesson that has been most difficult for me to accept is, ironically, that of acceptance. I have the hardest time relinquishing control and accepting the outcome. I have a hard time relaxing and riding things out, or letting things run their natural course. Some of you are familiar with this. 😉

The past 5 years of my life have been the hardest yet on this mental quirk I have.In January of 2017 I suffered a loss and a heartache that seemed it wouldn’t dull. I had tried taking things into my own hands, I had tried to force something that just wasn’t meant to be. Nevertheless, the lesson of acceptance has been wearing down my walls all year. I had asked for growth and it started to rain.

It began to rain difficulties and hard decisions.

It began to rain struggle and growing pains.

But as we as Texans, and lake residents, we know rain is quite often a very VERY good thing.

It began to rain blessings.

Gradually, I began to make the steps that made sense; the easy steps that were laid out like stones before my feet.

A year later, I am standing in a space covered in love and support from friends, family, and community members. I stand in this space, having accomplished a life goal that may not of ever happened had I not had a couple hundred other doors slammed in my face.

Why do we feel it necessary to keep tugging on those locked doors, hoping they’ll open?

The right doors are there for us, in their right time, waiting to be opened.

We need only accept them.


I hope that if and when you walk through the doors at Agape Movement Studio, you feel this acceptance. It is my goal to share this lesson with each and every one of my students. It is my promise to provide a space for peace, blessings, personal growth.



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  1. Hi Ariel.. we are back and ready for stretch. Looks like doing Tues and thurs 5:30 pm.. right? Thanks see u Tuesday.. Selwyn

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